About Us

The Planning & Decision Forecasting Geospatial Services (PDF) is an organization blooming fast in the sector of GIS, Web GIS, Mapping, Planning, Surveying, Project Management, Data management, Remote Sensing and Geospatial services.

We have already completed and are still doing projects on Telecom, Wetlands and Wildlife management, for private companies and NGO’s. Ours is one of the fastest growing companies with skilled and specialized manpower.

We have a skilled survey team and have accomplished excellent projects related to Environment, Agriculture, Waste Management, Site Suitability Analysis, Watershed Management, Land suitability Analysis, Urban & Peri Urban Planning, Land Use Land Cover and Social Survey.

Empowering your Work with GIS Data

PDF is a professional Geospatial services company specialising in the development of intelligent, enterprise wide geo-spatial data solutions for clients in a variety of disciplines and industries.

GIS, Remote Sensing, Utility, Telecom, Data Management, Planning and Development Services.