Utility Services

Sectors Utility Services
Telecom Conversion and Migration of Telecom Data into QGIS, Arc GIS or any other System like Small World, Spatial Net
OSP (Out Side Plan) & ISP (Inside Plan) Conversion.
Creation of Schematic Diagrams like Route (underground route, aerial route, overhead) Manhole Layout View, Span Cross Section views, Inside Plan View) etc.
Planning and Designing of FTTH Network (Highrise and flatbed) based on inputs from the Client
Space Management
Power &Water Conversion and Migration of Power Network Data, Water, Sewage Network Data into GIS System
Creation of Network Data using various international accepted data models
OIL & Gas GIS solution for Oil and Gas Utilities
Civil Creation of Floor Plans/ Layout Plans
Creation of Poly lining to Know the Square Footages Using IFMA & BOMA Standards
Creation/ Conversion of Civil Data to carry the Space management Analysis